General Information about your therapy

Time and place of therapy

My practice is both online and in person. I use Zoom and I will send you confirmation of the initial session time by email after our initial online communication or telephone conversation. Each individual session is for 50 minutes, and each couple session is for 60 or 75 minutes.



I charge for all cancellations if less than one week’s notice is given.
If you need to cancel a session please contact me by email. Where possible I will try to offer an alternative time.



I would ask you to notify me at least 2 weeks in advance.


Records held about you

Before our first session I will send you a client information form. I will also take basic factual notes of our sessions ongoing. All paper records that relate to you and any email correspondence will be held securely and destroyed/deleted at a prescribed date after your therapy has ended. You have the right to ask me to delete any information that I hold about you except any that I have a legal or professional obligation to keep.



The contents of our sessions are confidential except when:
You disclose you are at risk of harming yourself or others or you make me aware of harm to another/others
A request is made by a court of law to give evidence


Types of Therapy

Individual Short term cognitive behavioural therapy to change unhelpful thinking and behaviours.
Individual long-term attachment based relational psychotherapy to create long term change for deep rooted problems from your past. Our sense of self is shaped by our early relationships and environment. It can be transformative for you to understand how your early life influences you now, including your perception of self and how you interact with others.
Short or Long-term Couples attachment based relational psychotherapy using the EFT model to help reshape you and your partner’s pattern of interaction in order to create a secure successful long-term relationship.


Duration of Therapy

We can agree the number of sessions in the first session. I can work either on a short term or in a long-term open-ended way. I recommend that we have at least two weeks’ notice of ending to allow us a proper conclusion.